These Two Disabled Rabbits Fell in Bunny Love

After Jasper the bunny jumped off a chair and fractured his spine at 10 months old, he lost the ability to use his back legs and became paralyzed. His family thought he wasn’t going to live to see his first birthday but he was lucky to have April Overholser as his owner. Some veterinarians felt... Continue Reading →

Crossing Java’s Mysterious Sea of Sand

I stood there as a speck on the grey landscape, squinting through the dusty air. The volcano loomed on the Indonesian horizon like an oversized ant mound, a majestic upside down cone with its top blown off. I was going to hike to the top of the infamous Mount Bromo, one of the most active... Continue Reading →

The Lost Boy

  Being on his own wasn’t so bad, Tommy thought. He ran away from home after his parents punished him for pulling a girl’s pigtail in his second grade class. First the dumb girl cried and told on him, then the teacher yelled at him and sent him to the principal’s office, then his parents... Continue Reading →

Food Trucks out on the Mean Streets

The pale yellow Van Leeuwen ice cream truck, nick-named “the Eagle,” sat parked across from the Apple Store in Soho with a vanilla cone painted on every side. A line quickly formed and a parade of ice cream cones hit the streets of Manhattan. Someone from Whole Foods approached the truck. “They were like, ‘This... Continue Reading →

Keeping the Party Alive with Matt Timms

Tangy kimchi. Fatty bone marrow. Smokey hot dogs. Musky pumpkin. These are not your typical chili ingredients but these are some of the flavors simmered into the 26 different chilis at Brooklyn’s Chili Takedown. At this homemade chili cook-off for amateur chefs, brainchild of Matt Timms, anything goes. Timms flickers around the place making sure... Continue Reading →

Brazilian Food in NYC at Casa

If you’re looking for traditional Brazilian food, Casa is your place. This corner restaurant is tiny but bright and airy, with floor-to-ceiling window panes opening it up to the classic brick buildings of Bedford Street. Clusters of red chili peppers hang down from the ceiling and colorful Brazilian artwork pops from the clean white walls.... Continue Reading →

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